another perfectly good motorcycle ruined.......

Wednesday, 5 December 2012


blimey, two week's 'til christmas, where's the year gone? got my race licence application through the post today for next season, digging through the rest of the mail and the application for the festival of a 1000 bikes 2013 is here too, we are aiming to take three bikes next year, the sweary mick racing equipe aermacchi's and the bmw boxer, i'm looking at riding the boxer and sweary mick's 350 'macchi, dangerous want's to ride the 250 aermacchi mettise, it's complicated, me and dangerous want to ride the aermacchi's in the same three session's on sunday, [race bike day], i've got to put in two application's for a ride, [one for the boxer, one for the 'macchi], dangerous has to join the vmcc, apply for the festival, [i get priority because i'm a vmcc member, i race with the bhr, affiliated with the vmcc and i've ridden at the festival three times before] but, if i put in two applications, i may get allocated two rides in the same session! bollock's, here's some pictures of the mettise seat, when we picked up the bike off sweary mick it had an early yamaha, air-cooled race seat fitted, [yds1?] after looking at the metisse's on the rickman stand, i remember that i have a seat unit in my stash somewhere, rooting through my ma's shed reveal's the said item, bollock's, i can't remember cutting it to mount a rear tail-light and numberplate but there you go, offering it up and it look's ok, but not quite right, i chain drill a series of holes in an arc that i drew around a roll of duct tape, hacksaw it out, hand shape with a file and some wet and dry, over to dangerous who 'glasses in the tail light-numberplate holes, waft with a can of primer to see if there's any sinkage, that's better.......


  1. Hook in lads, time's a wastin . . . interesting comment on previous post from an invisidroid Loveymucker, big uppy ones mate.

    1. ey up whitey, by the style of mr anonymous's writing, i reckon it may be me old mucker ben 'fucking' jones, a.k.a 'the world's most handsome man' famous tattoist, snake-oil seller and the owner of the world's loudest harley davidson motorcycle, not seen the 'masked molester' for a while, must get down and say hello, 'tis the rumour from the badland's of shelton lock, that he's planning a ridgid chop project for the new year, biggun's back to your good self mr whiteline, [a.k.a. surfers paradise's own ned kelly...]