another perfectly good motorcycle ruined.......

Thursday, 29 November 2012


somewhere, back in the deep recess of the loveless memory, i can remember adverts for a shop which i think was called hadley custom? they used to run adverts in the bike press back in the '70's and very early ,'80's they had a range of tuning part's for, if i remember correctly, [give me a fucking break, i'm old] four-stroke tuning stuff for the four stroke monsters from back in the day, cb 750's, early zed's and the gs range of suzuki's, their advert's used to boast the tagline, 'help stamp out two-strokes] i wish i could find a copy of the original ad's but i guess it was only me who can remember them, i hated hadley custom with a passion back then, i was a yamaha riding two stroke fan, that's what my heroes rode, from the much maligned, [back in the day] fsie 50, through a 125, rd 250, [or three, ahem] to my beautiful white and red speedblocked rd 400, [i bought it just as everyone else was buying the elsies], here's a nasty two stroke, don't know anything about it, it could be a 250, 400, h1 500 or legendary h2 750, but, who gives a fuck, just a bad bike, hardtail frame, no front brake, ball-milled fork leg's, loving it, especially those expansion chamber's, rrrinngg-aaa-dinnggah, rinnnnngg-aaaahh dinnnngggg......

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  1. Ah Lovey . . . so much to do, so fucking little time . . . it's the business end of fine wine selling season mucker, get home, shagged out, fall asleep in the armchair, wake up at half three in the a.m with a crinked neck, wtf !!! Never owned a two stroke, not even a minibike, is that something I should remedy this late in life . . . a triple in a rigid with no front pick could be just what I need . . . thought it might be one of Slim's creations from the States at first, not sure, he does some fully out there stuff, just blithering sweetheart, gonna squeeze a quick thrash in before bedtime, take care my brotherman, big love as always. XX