another perfectly good motorcycle ruined.......

Friday, 9 November 2012


riding a motorcycle is a pretty dangerous pastime, [recently noticed that a well known insurer in britain won't cover you if you ride a bike] racing a bike is taking it to another level, [although you don't have the added risk of a road rider, spilt diesel on roundabouts, oncoming traffic, street furniture, myopic car drivers, old folk making their way to the garden centre, wet drain covers, slippy road markings, tractors on the apex of your favourite bend, cyclists hogging the whiteline, or jumping off the pavement, or turning across you with no lights on or fucking horse riders who insist on riding three abreast down country roads and waving politely at you when you just want to give it the berry's, flick them the english archers and shout fucccckkkk offfff! at them and then, the idiots towing caravans? don't even get me started] but, sidecar racer's? they just need to have a chat with themselves, that really is dangerous........

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  1. I had a go at swingin once Lovey, on a T120 classic outfit, it was a hoot, not being in charge of my own destiny freaked me out a bit though, always thought the top level guys are completely mental, especially those nutters who hook in at the IOM, nice listing of the road riding hazards mate, keeps a bloke on his toes.