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Sunday, 11 November 2012

chris palmer

every now and again you meet someone who's whole being can change the way you think about life and how you live life itself, chris palmer is one of those rare beings, i first met chris at cadwell park, we, that is dangerous and me, had nearly finished building our mz racer and rode up to cadwell park on our ducati's on a glorious summer day to watch the mz racers and meet up with another inspirational character, des davies, we parked up, left our gear in the awning of des's old bus and shared a welcome brew and homemade cake courtesy of mrs des, des introduced us to chris who couldn't have been more friendly, answering my stupid questions, chipping in with invaluable advice all while trying to prepare his machine for the forthcoming races, a true gentleman, we made our way down to the foot of the famous mountain to watch the 'zedder's race, i only caught it out of the corner of my eye, but, i knew it was a big off, the race was red flagged immeadiately, chris had had a coming together with another rider and had a major off, touch and go, helicopter ride to louth, serious, today, chris is the mz riders rep with the bmzrc, totally committed to getting people out racing, whatever their standard of riding, from novice to people wanting another crack, if you have ever wanted to have a crack at racing, [believe me, there's no better feeling and that's from a proper tailender, fighting just not to get lapped] contact chris at the bmzrc website, get yourself booked in for an experience weekend and have a fucking go,the images are from this month's performance bike magazine, the 360 degree feature, trackdays = coffee, racing = heroin......

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  1. Brilliant analogy old mucker . . . always managed to avoid the White Horse, maybe I'm just a coffee man at heart . . . X