another perfectly good motorcycle ruined.......

Saturday, 24 November 2012

bike magazine

post shift, saturday morning, home from work after another 0600am start, walk the dog's through the steady drizzle, match this afto, at home to birmingham city, 1720pm kick off, 1720? what the fuck is that all about?, sky tv, that's what it's all about, fitting in with the television schedule, [we don't have a home match, 1500hr's kick-off until the new year, fuck sky, you are killing football] couple of hours to kill before the game, so, i have a brew in the shed, radio 6 on and a general tidy up, i have a big stack of magazines, motorcyle new's, old bike mart, classic racer, sideburn, dice and performance bikes, mojo music magazine, tattooo magazine's and all the other old malarkey i tend to buy on a whim, right, let's be brutal, big mag cull, i load up the recycling with a right load, i stop for another brew and start idly flicking through a copy of 'bike' magazine from 1971, absolute brilliance, excuse the poor photo's......


  1. The Bespoke Buggy Company Limited! Priceless

  2. Hear, hear Squire, what a classic indeed, very twee. Jeez Lovey, can't quite bring myself to throw out my oldies at all, but then, probably not the same volume of dead tree material as you have amassed. Mate, the 'macchi is now beyond my attempts at description, your fastidious approach to its return to better than new glory is remarkable Lovey, like I said, words fall well short. Tried to post twice yesterday but the fucker knocked be back both times, almost like it's random . . . mine isn't logging shit correctly either mate . . . I won't stand for it me old mucker, not with all the money it costs, he he he, I've learnt to forgive them as it's completely free !!!!