another perfectly good motorcycle ruined.......

Monday, 5 November 2012


with the aermacchi sitting in mick's shed for so many years i thought it may be prudent to strip the front caliper and treat it to some new seals, the caliper is a pukka ap lockheed cp 2195 race item, [ap are re-making this item now due to the demand from classic racers and they are standard fitment on the beautiful trident engineering xr69 f1 suzuki replicas] they are aluminium as opposed to the similar looking, but heavy, cast caliper fitted to the triumphs. the caliper took some splitting, the two bolts holding the two halves together were very hard to slacken off, a combination of corrosion, [steel into aluminium is never a good idea] and loctite, [just to throw some comedy into the mix] with the bolts finally out i eased the pistons out of the body, oh dear, looks like mr hamfisted has already beaten me to it, some nasty marks looking suspiciously like plier rash to me, the pistons are hard anodised and i'm concerned the exposed aluminium will pick up, not good, so it looks like a new set of pistons [if you can get them as a spare] otherwise it looks like dangerous is going to be busy machining some replacements up, the leading edge of the casting is damaged too, dangerous reckons crash damage but i think it looks more like its just been fretting against something, [perhaps the bulkhead of a van or trailer?] you can't estimate how much time you need for a project like this, one, relatively easy job throws up another problem and another night in the shed gets chalked off.....


  1. "another night in the shed gets chalked off......", you say it like that's a bad thing. Any news on the 750?? boxer engine?

  2. 'Dear-oh bloody dear' said Zebedee when he saw Mr Rusty lurking in the shed, Dougall suggested it was time for bed but Zebedee said 'fuck off mate, we're not going anywhere until we get this caliper caper sorted' and with that, Dougall left the other two to their own devices and went to the pub . . .

  3. Been thinking about turning up stainless steel replacements for some of my street bikes. Tired of dealing with corrosion issues on my 550-four. That and changing over to silicone fluid. Wonder if you could design some light stainless items for the racer?