another perfectly good motorcycle ruined.......

Friday, 23 November 2012


friday, i love friday's me, the best day of the week, the end of the working week and an early finish too, [except i'm at work tomorrow, third saturday in a row on my shift pattern, one day off a week, i'm getting too old for all this working weekend's bollock's] i ordered a pair of njb racing shock's on tuesday, had two pair's already, [for the mz racer and my sporty], brilliant service from norman, just phone him, give him the length of the shock's, [centre to centre measurement between the mounting bolt's] your weight, the make of bike and he makes them up to suit, custom built gas shock's, non-adjustable, but why would you want to when they are made to suit you? they arrived today, got home and machined up some mounting hardware from bolt's i had in stock, made the paddock stand bobbin's out of some round stock, they are two- piece so we can get the right spacing to mount them off the swingarm to give us clearance, the top mounting bolts are dished and drilled down the centre to save some weight, i love friday's me........

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  1. Tim, does he service modern monoshocks too?