another perfectly good motorcycle ruined.......

Thursday, 22 November 2012


on average, the loveless shed has been turning out one and a half bikes per year, handbuilt in a shed in derbyshire, all done after our day job's, long nights, weekend's, there are more good times than bad, machining a one-off from a bit of scrap stock from the local scrappy, modifying parts to look like they belong, stuff most people wouldn't even notice, chopping out steering lock barrels and welding them up, grinding them flush so you would never know, chopping, filing, hand shaping old, redundant bracketry, just to get that 'look', some people get it, some don't, it's all about hands-on time, you don't need to be the world's best engineer to build a nice bike, just attention to detail, take off more than you put back and keep it tidy, fresh air is good, stainless sidepanels are bad, spend your time hand finishing what you have rather than buying stuff off the interweb, time, that's what all of us have just too little of, dangerous ran up a forty mile round trip to get the rear, twin-leader rear brake plate media blasted to the 'right' finish, i spent my dinner break getting some brand new, spanking. race rubber fitted to the aermacchi rims, you only get out what you put in brothers and sisters......

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  1. "stainless side panels are bad"; amen to that!