another perfectly good motorcycle ruined.......

Friday, 2 November 2012


friday night, best night of the week, finished my shift at 1400hrs, was i ever glad to see the end of this week, post holiday blues, bad cold kicking in, the night's are drawing in quicker than a very quick thing, it's cold the field's are sodden and heavy under foot, my head is still in texas, yet i'm tramping the hill's of derbyshire, it's dark, pitch black, i'm stumbling and slipping and sliding on the wet mud, the dog's want to stop, sniff and mark everything every two yard's, almost like their doggy senses is kicking in, no light, but a brilliant sense of smell, it takes twice as long to get around our normal four mile evening walk, i'm trying to feel my way through this oh-so-familiar-everyday-walk and i'm like a blind man, weird, anyway, back to the project, dangerous has been busy today, nipped down to see rob at racing lines and got the old tyres removed from the wheels, they were harder than a pub bouncer on match day, [notes to oneself, when i look at some of the young boy's with a 'badge' standing the door's in our old town i must admit i stifle a laugh, pumped up, steroid boy's, they wouldn't know a real fight if it walked up to them and gobbed in their faces, not like the old school lad's, ex hooligan's, convict's, squaddies, disgraced martial artist's, [ahem], nasty bastards, saw one shot through a plate glass window once after he 'ejected' a punter who took exception to being bounced off every step of a very steep staircase for not drinking up fast enough, the arm of his suit and shirt were missing where the shotgun had hit him, cool as fuck he turned around and said to the club owner, 'tell me missus i'll be late back....'] anyway, back to the plot, the front hub is an amazing piece of kit, big casting, spokes one and a half inches long one side and six inches long the other, i'm nervous about dropping the bike next season, the part's are unobtanium, bit more work cleaning up the frame too, considering it's been stood in a damp shed, it's looking ok......


  1. I still get the same rush reading your stream of memory blurbs as I did over a year ago Lovey, brilliant stuff again, bloody great capacity to create the feeling of a moment in very few words bro, a genuine gift, just read the mail mucker, will get beck to you later today, off for the Sat a.m punt, big love mate, f real. XX

  2. That wheel casting is a beauty. The frame is just a work of art. And as usual your photo compositions just lovely. Your orderly shop space inspires me to get going on my project of re-ordering my space. Just picked up a long awaited lift. Trying to figure out how I'm going to get power to my long stored lathe, as well as get it off the motorcycle trailer it's bolted down to at the moment. Oh well, after I cut down the too close to the house Oak tree and replace the kitchen door...always next weekend.