another perfectly good motorcycle ruined.......

Monday, 19 November 2012


some jobs on the project are just too dull to post photo's, so, here's something much more interesting a couple of atmospheric shots of an aermacchi racer and his young lady at what looks like a far, flung, european track, [it's certainly not cadwell park in late september], thanks to ed at the fingymoto blogspot for sharing the great pic's...


  1. i think thats a young Barse in the bottom pic, sleazing' after some snatch.

  2. I'd hazard a guess at Czechoslovakia as was from the Slunéčko sign written on the side of the van in the background. Means ladybird dontcha know!

  3. Although Reifen Slunecko sell tyres in Autria and that looks like a picture of a tyre on the van
    I'll stop now!

  4. Maaaate, I've been posting but the last two haven't stuck, that or you don't love me no more . . . [sad face]

  5. Ah, back in the day when a fella hoped to catch a glimpse of knee...

  6. Hello The rider is Gilberto Milani,bike is a 250 factory Aermacchi racer with magneto ignition and special pre production 230 Ceriani 4L/S brake and already the last frame model
    So the year should be 1966 and I would be very pleased to know the exact place and have the year confirmed
    These two shots are real gems for paddock pictures without fairing are scarce....and colored !!!
    Thank you for these pictures I will offer them to Gilberto who is 80 at present time