another perfectly good motorcycle ruined.......

Thursday, 15 November 2012


'and i woke up, and you won't believe it, i was covered in......' sorry about that, ahem, loveless is back in the room, well, what a week, i love those 0200 hr phonecalls that inform you that the alarm is going off at work and your boss has got his phone off, the callout emergency phone is going straight to answer phone so, the central scrutinizer, [check out 'joe's garage' by frank zappa and it will all make sense, well, sort of], informs me that, 'you have to attend' all of a sudden i comprehend what this is all about, sorry, i thought i did my shift, got paid and went home to continue with 'real life', dicking about with bikes in the shed, listening to music, reading, walking the dog's, getting tattooed, going on holiday, watching football, family life, the whole reason why you go to work, but no, i've got some snotty cunt telling me to 'attend' excuse me? you've obviously mistaken me for someone who gives a fuck! trouble is, i do, too much, so i humbly tell the faceless voice manning a call centre that i will 'attend', i let the dog's out for a slash, get dressed and start the old faithful v-dub, half way to work my phone rings, 'someone has attended the call out, no need to 'attend' i'm laughing, like that nutter on the bus, i turn around and go home, it's 0220 hrs, i'm wide awake, dressed and full of adrenaline, my thought's full of fighting off imaginery foe, i try and sneak back to bed, ever tried that with two jack russell terriers, they are down the stairs unleashing hell, i try to undress as quietly as i can, mr's b just snort's, 'don't even bother toss-pot, i'm awake' deep joy, pissed off mrs, pissed off dog's, pissed off me, i lie tossing and turning for the next couple of hour's, greasy insomnia, trying to will myself to sleep, it just makes me wider awake, i'm just waiting for the fucking alarm to go off, 0500hrs, there it goes, i like to think i'm a free man, but in reality i'm not, except when i'm in the shed working on the bikes, or having a crack at the racing, or doing anything but working for the man, anyway, serious aermacchi fettling this week, check out that frame, [yes i know it's upside down]........


  1. That frames a beaut no matter which way it's sat...nickel cleaned up nice, and the quality of the brazing(?) very nice. It seems I remember from somewhere Rickman's being brazed or bronze-welded, as it is probably called over there.
    Working for the 'man' yas...I have a nine day stretch off for 'Thanksgiving' boss says my work truck is going in for much needed maintenance. At his suggestion I've decided to take some time off, and get to my sorely neglected projects. Nine days of freedom, about time.

  2. Ah the joys of being a key holder, I remember them well. Getting to the shop with the alarm going off and some spotty faced plod saying " I will follow you in Sir". Sod that for a game of soldiers you get paid for people to take a swing at you! And as usual it would be a fuse that had died of old age, allowing the internal battery to run down far enough for the alarm to go off a 2 in the a.m.