another perfectly good motorcycle ruined.......

Tuesday, 9 October 2012

what bike do you ride then mate?

i'm a real sucker for baseball caps, well, hat's in general, i suppose it must be something to do with being 'follically challenged' i don't give a toss about being a baldy-man, it's something that's never bothered me, my 'hat wearing' thing has come about because my head just get's cold, simple, here's my latest purchase, made on sunday at darley moor, a harley/harris/bsb baseball cap, i love it, it's got the longest peak in christendom, it's in the traditional harley racing colours of black, white and orange and it only cost me a fiver, result....


  1. Yeah, that peak looks like a Z-1 tail-piece...

  2. You could do time trialling if you wear it backwards.

    1. Behave Jan! It,s the only cap i've got that's got a peak long enough to cover my big nose!