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Thursday, 11 October 2012

the longest day

feel's like the longest day today, I've done lot's of transatlantic flight's before, if you want to experience different cultures and lifestyles then you have to travel, it's just a matter of getting your head in the right place, relaxing and just letting it all wash over you, we started our journey at 0600 hrs, up to Manchester, check in, breakfast and board an American Airlin flight for Chicago, eight and two-bit hour's later we are in Chicago, Chicago o'hare airport is massive, we jump on the airport terminal train and flit from one terminal to the other, we are delayed as we go through custom's just by the sheer number of people trying to get to their connecting flight's, we end up running through the terminal to make our connecting flight to Texas just as the gate is closing, another two and a half hour flight and find the car rental office, sat-nav on, hire car sorted and we are on our way, as I,m posting this I realise I,ve been awake almost 24 hours, nite-nite everyone, jet lag and Cabernet-Shiraz is shutting me down.........

Location:lone star state


  1. Bloody hell mate . . . no fanfare, no by your leave, just up and shoot through . . . well I never !! Have a great time Loveless types, get yourselves sorted with a nice Napa Valley cabernet, mmmmmm, good !!! Enjoy guys. XX

  2. Have fun in Davey Crockett land. A moto/blogger I know in Texas says it's been cooling off there. Say hi to Lyle Lovett for us.

  3. You left the Aermacchi home alone!?!

    1. Fear not Jan, dangerous is chained to the aermacchi to keep it company!