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Sunday, 7 October 2012

stars at darley

october already? where's the year gone? 'stars at darley' traditionally the season's closing race meeting, the work's team's come along to race at a basic, derbyshire, old ww2 airfield track, not knocking it in any way, i love darley moor, been supporting the races since, well, more year's than i care to remember, seaweed?, dave humpstone? the day's of lc250 and 350's, most of them stolen bikes, gsx 1100's, gs 1000's running alongside fast british twin's and triples, yammy tz's, the scent of castrol 'r' heavy in the air, proper, today i get caught sneaking in, first time for everything i suppose, if you turn right at the island instead of left you usually miss the pay gate, park up in the paddock and watch the racing for free, not today, an eagle eyed old biddy spot's me and follow's me faster than mo farrer to let me know she's clocked me, i plead ignorance and bargain her down to 8 quid from fifteen as the racing has started, fuck me, i'm losing my touch, it's a great leveller for the work's boy's, not taking anything away from them but in football term's this is the non-league boy's, the pub team's sticking it up the premiership, a great day's racing and a great day's riding, it's bloody cold but you have to get in what you can at this time of year, i get flashed by a police car on my way home, i'm pushing it, it's almost dark, [ok, it's dark, no light's but one of those day's when you don't want to go home]

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  1. You da man lovey, you da fucking man !!! Two great posts mate, you have a unique and totally alluring way of telling a story muckerlover, fantastic stuff from go to gone . . . I know I'm harping but again, seeing as the Lofty Legend has one Aermacchi in pristine, restored, uprated condition, my thought would be to have the second in its original, unmolested state aesthetically as a counterpoint to the first's ubershine . . . mechanically A grade but still with all that beautiful patina that its history has bestowed upon it . . . but that's just me, as you put it Brother Lee Lovey, what the fuck would I know, I'm standing on the shoulders of someone standing on the shoulders of giants. Big ups mate, big respect.