another perfectly good motorcycle ruined.......

Friday, 26 October 2012

say it loud, i'm a luddite and proud! [with apologies to the hardest working man in showbusiness]

the mind is a funny thing, i like to push myself, physically and mentally, i've been awake around 30 hours now, san antonio to chicago, pizza and beer, chicago, it's raining and i don't even get a glimpse of lake michigan, gutted, 'sweet home chicago' on the 'pod, chicago to manchester on the overnight, red eye, cattle class flight,0300 hrs uk time, my brain is saying sleep, 2100 hrs texas time my heads saying, 'it's time for a beer y'all' home, land, taxi, i just want the world to stop moving, i have terminal wind, [is that what you get in airports or is it just me?] the taxi driver decides to take us home via the scenic route, over the cat and fiddle, buxton, via- gellia, a6, belper, absolutely brilliant on a bike, but now? i'm craving straight roads so i can just go to sleep,my head is cracking into the window on the left, fuck! i'm driving! no i'm not, everything is back to front and upside down, home, shower, pick the dogs up, tea, toast, white bread, proper, butter, stick the new magnets on the fridge [a traditional bailey family ritual] wander into the shed, dangerous has slackened off the mounting bolts for the engine on the aermacchi, there's a brand spanking new pair of lockwire pliers, a classic race tomaselli throttle assembly and a snotty handwritten 'welcome home' message, jessica's moving out today too, got a rent with her boyfriend,i fire up my old desk-top, bollock's, i've been posting off my i-pad, brilliant, unless you are rocking old-school, luddite computer-stylee, here's to all the luddite's, i've just realised that the holiday post's will mean nothing to almost everyone, so, i'm re-posting them, first one is 'gasoline' please, bear with me, i'm a luddite, [the post's will probably make more sense when re-posted, sorry, normal service, blah, blah, blah......

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  1. Welcome back, maybe let the jetlag pass before re-organising and reposting everything, it could get really messy!! :-)