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Saturday, 6 October 2012

northern soul

the skullsnaps, 'i'm your pimp', absolutely massive tune back in the day, never an official gsf release,[it was originally an album track and never released as a seven inch single], bootlegged as a dj demo copy, [that's what i've got] even this bootleg is fetching stupid money, what's really sad is that the original artist's don't get any money from their original work, remember, northern soul is essentially rare soul, lot's of obscure soul music, often demo radio station copies that never made it, tunes that bombed and didn't get an official release or if they did, sank into oblivion, only to be rediscovered by a bunch of northern england soul music fan's in the early '70's, music to move you to tears and in the case of the skullsnaps, sly and the family stone styleeee, bass heavy, funky, social commentary not withstanding, just great dance music, i'm your pimp, de, de, de, de, de, i wear my hat to the side and i walk with a limp.............'

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