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Wednesday, 17 October 2012


Gruene, originally a German immigrant farmer community, established in the mid 1840's, the surrounding land was planted with cotton as the number one cash crop, the success of the cotton crop brought in around another 30 families, the small town blossomed until the depression and a disastrous boll weevil infestation which saw the settlers move out, the only business to survive being the Gruene Hall, the legendary music venue and the oldest dancehall in Texas, some of the artists who have graced this stage include (one of Hairy Larry's favourites, Lyle Lovett) Bo Diddley, Jerry Lee Lewis (hell yeah!) and Willie Nelson as well as being featured in loads of music videos, sorry I can't post a photo of it but, you know how the Loveless luck rolls, the day we visit, it's bloody shut, well worth a look and a true slice of Americana...


  1. Meanwhile, deep in the heart of Texas, Swiss family Loveless are in deep cover, bloody envious as hell mate . . . love the way you are giving us info at that level bro dude mucker, ties it all together so much better than a bunch of random photos, bravo Pommy Boy . . . dig to see you in a ten gallon hat?

  2. Texas has got some cool music scenes going on. Haven't done so myself in years, but you guys should go dancing somewhere where they teach you the line dances and the two-step. A lot of regional differences in that stuff. Once learned a bunch of dances from some tapes (Texas style...)...only to have to re-learn them because they were so different from West coast style.Cracks me up to think about it. Until I got into the country dancing, and some ball room stuff, It had always been 'Grateful Dead' stoned/spin dancing as a dearly departed friend of mine called it.Yeah, get out there and kick up your heels some...Yeeeehawwww Great stuff your posting.

  3. Holler if you make it up Cincinnati way, I'll feed you, you bet.