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Friday, 19 October 2012


After the 'too kool for skool' attitude of the biker bro's it was a breath of fresh air to meet someone who wanted to talk about their ride and what a ride, how's about a '55 Mercury Monterey? What a car, up there for me with the Tri-Chevy's as the ultimate '50's ride, (my ultimate though would be a little later, the '66 Galaxie 500, total '60's muscle car, oh for that lottery win...) I dreamt about cars like this, strange really for a daft Derbyshire lad, bought up on a diet of British Leyland's finest, old Mini's with rotted out floors, Angle-Boxes, Allegro's, (complete with square steering wheels, I shit you not!) Cortina's and the nearest thing to a Yank car, the venerable Dagenham Dustbin, the Ford Capri, no wonder I used to covet the American cars I saw in my mates-older-brothers 'Hotrod' magazine, (coincidentally, I had a look at a copy today in Barnes and Noble and it was a pale imitation of what it used to be) anyhoo, back to the plot, turns out the geezer is a founder member of the San Antonio Pushrods Car Club, a 60 plus member club dedicated to classic car's, hotrod's, custom's and drag racing, a really nice bloke, 'sit on the wing dude! you ain't going to bend it, it's real steel 'bro, you know what I'm sayin' yep, I know what your saying, loooong lake pipes running down the side of the sill and the coolest club plaque hanging off chains at the rear, little further on down the street and i found this bleached out '85 Lincoln Town Car, just so cool, paint on the bonnet down to the metal and with a light rust just starting to come through, it's the car version of a one night stand, you look back and regret it, but it still makes you smile.......

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  1. The bloke from the Hoggly shop was clearly a decoy mate, neat stuff, all that surface rust is never a drama otherwise there would be no cool old cars in California at all. dude sounded as legit as his all American, real steal, run head onto into a freight train and live, car. Next tall, Texan tale please sir, yee ha !!!