another perfectly good motorcycle ruined.......

Thursday, 18 October 2012

Fast Harley?

Just outside the old German town of Gruene we stop for something to eat, sitting eating lunch I spy a Harley dealership just up the road, well, be rude not to call in and have some sport, in amongst all the stock bikes was this big s+s engined drag bike, Buell front end, long swingarm and lower than a snakes belly, I tried to get some skinny on it but unfortunately all the employee's were too busy walking around trying to look cool and being far too important to actually answer a question regarding a bike, they could tell you all about the 'motor clothes 2013 range' however, which, just goes to show what a global brand Harley Davidson is because that's exactly how the dealerships in the U.K are too, shame really, when you think about Harley's racing success you would think that they would want to talk about it, anyhoo, let me tell you about my sandwich......


  1. Fuck, what a bloody let down Lovey, you woulda thunked that of all the Harley franchises you might have found some non wanker types in small town USA, clearly a global malaise old mucker, onward ho, Clan Bailey . . . ten gallon hat, ten gallon hat, ten gallon hat . . . just a hinting reminder, XX