another perfectly good motorcycle ruined.......

Tuesday, 16 October 2012


Derbyshire, the most land locked county in England, if I turn left out of my house I can be standing on the beach on the east coast in two and a bit hours, (possibly less if I'm on the bike, I digress, once me and dangerous made it back from Cadwell park, early evening after watching the MZ racers competing in a Bemsee meeting in a stupid one hour and twenty minutes on the Ducati's, ahem) if I turn right I can be standing on the beach in Welsh Wales in three hours, go north and I can be at John 'O Groat's in just over five hours, heading south, I can be at the southern most tip of England at Land's End, Cornwall, in around six, I'm sorry, but when you are in America, that's nothing, Texan's drive further than that to pick up their groceries! I'm sorry to all our tree hugging friends out there who want to save the planet but, there's nothing like filling up the tank with gas and just hitting the pedal, there's a lot of stuff out there to see and you just ain't going to see it on your reclining bicycle with that daft little flag sticking up in the air to warn other road users of your presence, my advice is, get the biggest motor you can get, fill 'er up, get Ministry 'Jesus Built my Hotrod' on yer 8-track player and just go.......


  1. Yes mate, similar here in Oz, having toured this wide brown land for twenty years, the perception of distance is forever changed . . . party in Sydney on Saturday night, 1000 klms, 9 hours, no drama . . . party in Perth W.A . . . 5 hours in a plane !!! Keep that Jesus fella employed Lovey, he does nice work apparently. XX

  2. "No man with a good car needs to be justfied" as it says on the back of my ancient Ministry t-shirt, cracking tune, (jesus built my hot rod), just blasted my eardrums with it, at aboot 6:50 this morning, helluva wake up call. The distance thing does my head in, visited NZ a while ago and you'd drive for hours and get nowhere!