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Monday, 22 October 2012

Don't Mess With Texas

Bandera, a real life cowboy town, deep in the heart of Texas, for me, one of those life defining moments, just a quick recap, I was born in 1959, yep, a long time ago, I was born into a family from mining stock, my dad was a ww2 veteran, he got blown up on the beaches during D-Day, got a direct hit from Geman aircraft as he was moving a lorry that was blocking the exit from a beach in France, he was shipped back to England and re-deployed in the Pacific fighting the Japanese, my old man was an old school dad, never talked too much, never took me to a football match or kicked a ball on the park, but, he was still my dad, I can remember watching films on a Saturday afternoon, usually old John Wayne and other cowboy films, waiting for my dad to get home from work, he would get in, take off his boots and watch the end of the film with me, often speaking the script before the actors, ( an annoying habit I've picked up, just ask my kids) cowboys and indians, six-shooters and bows and arrows, cattle, ranches and creeks, today, I was in a real cowboy town, un-bloody-believable.....


  1. I shouldn't be crying but I am, blast you Loveless and the cow you rode in on . . . great to see the wee lass up and about at last . . . sticky on the tour bus, very cool.

  2. There are a couple more things you should know about states in addition to "Don't Mess with Texas".

    There is also "Don't Arse with Arkansas", "Don't Dick with Delaware", "Don't Flagellate Florida", and most importantly, "Don't Wank in Wyoming" (they are VERY stern about this).

  3. Whitey, thank you, I know it's 4-real, Turbogoof? Mate, you made me laugh out loud! The Wyoming comment? Fucking brilliant!

  4. Left my power supply in Oakland Ca. so have been without a puter for a bit.My ancient phone is OK for peeping at blogs, but worthless for leaving comments. Was going to wish a speedy recovery for your daughter, but see that has already happened. Very good.

    Bumper stickers seen in Colorado...'Don't Californicate Colorado'...