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Saturday, 13 October 2012

Dirty Old Egg Sucking Dog
Well, there you go, I thought I had the old iPad sorted, (old? I've only had it three week's) tonight, i tried to use my iPad camera connection kit, it doesn't work, bollock's, I've taken loads of photo's and can't post them, frustrating isn't the word, so, instead you will have to put up with the rambling's of a Derbyshire lad let loose in the wild's of Texas, Texas is big, bigger than a very big thing, apparently, according to mrs b, you can fit two England's into the state of Texas with room to spare, we had a ride out today, turned left onto I-35 and drove, and drove and drove, one of the best things about America is the radio stations, flicking around the dial reveals everything from Christian rock, through talk show's to urban, dance, Latino and good ol' boy country and western, here's a link to to a Johnny Cash track we heard today, the amazing 'dirty old egg sucking dog' never heard this song before, sorry I haven't got any photo's to go with it but, just hit the link, close your eye's and imagine, (that's what my old primary school teacher mr's crow used to say) ...............


  1. An absolute gem Lovey, I remember surfing the dial in the car in LA, San Diego and Vegas, as you said mate, kaleidoscopic profusion of sounds. Love Hairy's comment about Ted Nugent, the Motor City Madman does enjoy his firearms. I can't stop singing "Deep in the Heart of Texas" for some reason . . .

  2. Last time I was through Texas was in '64 as a kid, my father was retiring from the military.You are right about the vastness of the place.My father never listened to a radio as we traveled, so us kids entertained ourselves by singing Beatles and Stones songs. Another game my father liked was 'spot the deer'. He'd award a quarter to anyone who saw one before he did.Maybe twice did he have to pay up. My old man was quite the hunter. Are you seeing many bikes out that way?

    1. Hi Larry, I made a mistake when I said Texas was big and you could fit England into it twice, what I meant to say was that you could fit Britain into it twice! Not many bike's out here for saying, perhaps it's to hot? It's been high 80's. today, hot sunshine and high humidity, not the best condition's for soft Yank's to be riding in but, bloody brilliant for us white-footed Englishmen to enjoy!

  3. i saw a Texas cd in Tesco for £1.99

  4. Aaahh, Mr Jones, I've been expecting you, (sitting in a leather armchair, stroking the deer sitting on my lap) you would love it over here mate, load's of meat to eat, ( secretly, you know Morrisey was right!), lot's of sunshine, friendly people and lot's to do and see, but, on second thought's, perhaps not, after all, Texas is a big state, you might actually have to ride somewhere rather than sitting at Matlock holding hand's with Marshy!