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Sunday, 14 October 2012

Dirty Old Egg Sucking Dog (with white feet)

Well, there you go, after slagging off the ipad camera connection kit, a little digging reveal's it's actually my ancient Sony camera that's at fault, the memory card isn't compatible with the ipad, so, to make up for the lack of post's featuring my usually thought provoking, brilliantly composed photographs, (no hint of irony here is there regular readers), here's one of me sitting by the pool in the garden supping a cold Bud and getting bitten by the bloody mozzy's! Just to complete the look, i'm rocking the typical 'white English bloke on holiday, white foot-look' brilliant day today, we were up early door's to be greeted by thunder, lightning and heavy rainfall, typical Loveless luck that, Texas is in the middle of a drought and as soon as the Bailey's arrive we get an inch of rainfall in two hour's, breakfast, shower and head out in the Chevy for downtown San Antonio, the weather clears and by the time we find a parking lot near the Mexican Market the sun is starting to break through, the humidity is rising and it's getting hot, I proceed to freak out the parking lot employee, ' ey up youth, how's it going, bugger me its hot, reckon it's going to cracking the flag's today Mucker' he takes my five dollar's and looks at me like I'm an alien, which, when you think about it is what I am, we spend a pleasant few hour's perusing the stall's in the market, load's of Dia De Los Muertos sugar skull's, pottery, jewellery and artisan good's, it's a kaleidoscope of colour and almost overwhelming to take in, we walk Downtown and soon find the entrance to the famed Riverwalk, it's an amazing place, situated below streetlevel of a bustling modern city is a sanctuary of green, meandering path's follow the course of the river, originally built as a flood prevention scheme and styled on the canals of Venice, it's foliage and plant's tumble down towards the water's edge, but, when you look up, the glimpse of a modern cityscape grates upon the senses, not in an offensive way, rather than in disbelief that the two can compliment each other, we find a riverside restaurant, 'Rita's on the River', we order Coke's and get a serving of fresh tortilla chip's, homemade salsa and guacamole to accompany the drinks, be rude not to, we order three veggie and one chicken fajita's, they arrive, red hot, served on a cast iron dish, fresh salad, corn and flour tortillas, more guacamole and salsa, sour cream, finely chopped tomatoes, onion and coriander, the veggie fajita is literally dancing off the plate, an explosion of taste and texture, brown feathery rice, re-fried beans and sharp cheddar cheese, just sitting in the warm, (hot) sunshine, what more could you want? Ok then, how about a Mariarchi band? Yep, live and in the area, four dudes who looked like extras from a Tarantino movie but with the harmonys of angels, truly brilliant and all done with a sense of humour, replete we stroll on, we follow the signs for the Alamo, the Francescan Mission building, steeped in history is dwarfed amongst the modern city but it loses nothing when you consider the whole history of the place in relation to modern America...


  1. One of the great posts Timmy, keep em coming mucker alien white thing homie youth, loving it.

  2. That was a great restaurant revue. Just ate some homemade quesadilla, and you've made me hungry again. Sounds like a great vacation.