another perfectly good motorcycle ruined.......

Monday, 29 October 2012

classic racer

ian dury once said, 'knock me down wiv a fev-ver' got my new copy of 'classic racer' today, i have it delivered to work because the 'boy's' tend to take offence at anything coming through the letterbox, [it's already cost me a copy of 'sideburn']so, imagine my surprise when flicking idly through it to see my ugly mug grinning out from the hallowed pages, mike yiend, the motorsport photographer took the picture at darley moor and we had a chat about the bike, [i'm sure he was just being polite as the entries for the bear's class was pretty disappointing and i was really just making up the numbers anyway].......


  1. Being kind my arse Lovey, you're a handsome man with a gorgeous bike, had to be done. Awesome brother, well deserved mate . . . alright, fair cop, I might've been a bit off with the handsome man thing, but the bike is too cool.

  2. Hey Tim I got that mag while you were away to read the Denis Gallagher interview and seen you in it ,but kept my mouth shut until you got to see it,that,s Classic racer and PB whats next ????