another perfectly good motorcycle ruined.......

Friday, 5 October 2012

cadwell park

i'm running around like a blue arsed fly, scruting the bike, scruting my leather's, helmet, boots and gloves, waiting for noise testing, where's dangerous?, he's strolling around the paddock scoping out the bikes, 'there's an aermacchi-mettise here' 'fuck off dangerous, get some fuel in and check the oil' 'no, seriously, there's an aermacchi-mettise here, it's mint''dangerous, just get the bike sorted and get a brew on' 'i'm telling you, aermacchi-mettise, green, no race number's, must be parading it, lovely bike though' after the first race i change out of my leather's and we go in search of the imagined dangerous aermacchi, 'there you go wanker, told you' fuck, fuck fuckin' fuck, there you go, it's only an aermacchi-mettise, an aermacchi-mettise in british racing/rickman green, i can't talk, i'm just feasting on the bike, probably the best looking bike i have ever seen, 'what the fuck is up with you bailey?' i can't reply, i'm too busy, dangerous slip's on his oakley's, nod's, a half smile almost flicker's across his lip's, must have imagined that, there's no smile when i look again.....


  1. I have a line on a pair of 350cc Aermacchi/Harley's here in the U.S.A. I've been trying to contact this gentleman:

    ... but I'm apparently too thick to dial a phone, or he's very, very busy.

    Have you seen any of his work?

  2. hello turbogoof, yep, i've seen his work in the flesh, very nice too, keep trying, as i understand it he's a 'one-man' band so will probably be in the shop more time than answering his phone!, if you need me to get in touch drop me a mail at and i'll try from this side of the pond for you no problem, have you seen lacaster restorations over in the USA?, look's like a good source of info/parts? here's the link,