another perfectly good motorcycle ruined.......

Wednesday, 3 October 2012

cadwell park

strolling around the paddock in-between races on saturday, mug of tea in hand, one of the bikes that caught my attention was the 500cc ariel vha of charles davies, racing in the royal enfield championship for solo motorcycles, 351-500cc to 1962, love this bike and a real pleasure to chat with the two lad's who are racing it, genuine, i asked how they were going on, 'shit really, dead slow compared to a manx but, well, you've just got to have a go 'an you......'

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  1. Hey Lovey . . . take a peek at old mate Trend Rectum's caper . . . selling out to the corporate man it would appear . . . the waffling had me spinning and chuckling simultaneously, te he he.