another perfectly good motorcycle ruined.......

Sunday, 28 October 2012


solvol, rag's, solvol, rag's, solvol, tea, toasted teacakes, hot, buttered teacakes, solvol, rag's, tea......


  1. That's such a nice looking frame, its almost a shame to build the bike back up!! How old is it supposed to be?

    1. I'm with you jan, can the rebuild from here, take everything off the frame, hang it in the living room and just look at it, bloody gorgeous !!!! No wonder those Rickman lads built a tidy business and had the international reputation they still possess today, amazing . . . I can almost picture Dangerman at the lathe Lovey, those tendril like digits manipulating wheels and chucks with a deft, fine, watchmakers touch, say no more, job's a goodun . . . as long as you don't have any of the Big Red Machine over for tea and scones you should be right, ha ha ha. XX