another perfectly good motorcycle ruined.......

Saturday, 27 October 2012


right, enough already, all that holiday stuff's over, back to reality, [that's reality, not realty, for the benefit of our american reader's] back to all the important stuff, motorcycles, dangerous turn's up, we have a brew and we offer up the famous aermacchi 'double bubble' fairing that he's picked up from sweary mick sometime in the last fortnight, looks brilliant, we discuss working the pig-ugly front fairing mounting, work that out, make a couple of sketches and dump it out of harms way, next step, engine out, absolute doddle, the engine weigh's nothing, check dangerous cradling it in his arm's, yep, dangerous has had a baby.......


  1. Dead sexy that is mate, looks like the induction cowl under the nose of a Hawker Typhoon/Tempest, love compound curves like that . . . Dangerous has got fingers like bloody Hendrix, is he a penis, sorry, pianist, I have difficulty pronouncing and writing that word, damn !!

  2. Is it just me, or does that engine look like a giant Honda 90? Or is it that the 90's look like an Aermacchi that shrunk in the wash...
    With that fairing on, it looks ready for a run at the Salt flats of Bonneville.

  3. steady on whitey! he can't play piano or guitar but you want to see him turning the handles on a lathe or a milling machine, proper, larry, i've said that myself to dangerous, [in fact, i said to dangerous i fancied doing a third scale 'aermacchi' race rep using one of the venerable little honda's and he just snorted and rapped me across the back of the knuckles with his steel rule] the fairing is a thing of beauty, unfortunately the screen isn't, it's not the right one for the bike, the screen is cracked around the mounting holes, a common fault when just drilling perspex with a high speed drill, i'll let you into the secret of drilling one without damaging it later in the restoration, the screen looks like an early yamaha tz or honda race item, it's too high and is squashed out of shape where it's been fitted to the fairing lower, if you could see it from the front or rear you would understand.

    1. Be interested to see if your drilling secret is the same as one I found years ago in a 'working with plexiglass' (as it gets called over here) manual, I came across.