another perfectly good motorcycle ruined.......

Friday, 7 September 2012


walking the dog's the other night, i have to pass through the farmyard, the farmer is a grumpy fucker who doesn't like dog's apparently, i don't give a fuck but tow the line and put one of my two boy's on the lead as we go through the yard, it's his back-yard after all, he's dicking about with a bsa outfit, it's an old bike and i can't resist a pike at it, he doesn't even look up as i ask him about it, local legend's right then, he is a grumpy fucker, short and squat, he look's like he can handle himself, just as i'm getting fucked off with him he lighten's up a little, he is well into his classic bikes, vintage, flat-tank especially, he show's me a set of crankcases off a bsa g26, a thousand cubic centimetre flat tanker from 1926, he's building it up from a pile of bit's, the crankcases are damaged and he's had them welded up, need's them re-finishing so he can bolt them up, i offer to mill them up to remove the surplus weld and make a new, flat bolt surface, never ceases to amaze me that people have stuff like this lying in their shed's, brilliant.....


  1. Hello loveless, how do i send you pictures on here ?? probably a stupid question, but i dont know how too.

    1. ey up med, just send them to,net, i'll post them up, same goes for everyone, if you want me to post anything just send them to me...