another perfectly good motorcycle ruined.......

Sunday, 9 September 2012

last of the summer wine

miles from nowhere's annual season closing show today, the aptly named 'last chance custom and classic' after the fantastic weather we have had this past week the attendance was alway's going to be good, even though nearby donington park was hosting a round of the british superbike series, what i really like about the m.f.n. show is that it's a meeting of the clan's from harley and custom bike owner's, through the classic bike buff's to the lad's who ride the latest sportbike's, from the local scooter club's to the hell's angel's who turned up today, a great afternoon, well chilled and a chance to catch up with old mate's, barse filled us in with his trip to the trip-out, big kev from the strong survive m.c. ammo, gaz, gordy, chris w, paul, indian ian, my brother big steve marsh, cosmo and then there's the world's most handsome man, ben 'fucking' jones, [cooler than a polar bear sucking a magnum ice cream], anyhoo, here's the bikes that stood out for me, the triton? perfection personified, absofuckinglutely gorgeous, the primary cover cut away to reveal the belt drive, brilliant, the joe hunt magneto?, the black and white chequer tape around the speedo and tacho? lick!, what about the little w650 kawasaki 'malus' cut-down?, very neat, the hinckley bonny with the alloy tank, one of the best i've seen, the standard bike is a big heavy bastard that makes a sporty look like a greyhound in comparison, the little moto-guzzi, the rare as hen's teeth vespa small frame ss90 was mint as was the lambretta 'who' themed, full modded up, 'my generation' scooter, the norvin? the mad as a very mad thing general lee inspired drag racer on the road gsx with long swing arm, rim mounted front discs and fuck-off turbo, the little red beezer with the high-level pipes, the shwantz inspired rgv stroker and the nasty bonneville with numberplates, big-up respect to you all, good to see england is still cutting them up and saying a healthy 'fuck-you' to the pretender's........


  1. Cracker shots Lovey, what an insane selection, variety is definitely the spice of life . . . don't know what you're on about with the Triton though, you'd reckon he'd get those fucking dents taken out of the tank . . . te he he !!! Noice mate, really noice, as we say down 'ere in the Antipodes. XX