another perfectly good motorcycle ruined.......

Friday, 28 September 2012

jessica loveless takes over, read 'em and weep mofo's

Friday afternoon, diet red bull, radio 2, pistols and machine guns, uncle steve and random visitors, mad laughter and ginger beards... Leg twitching, bepanthen and itching... Ribs are a breeze, relaxing into it makes it almost theraputic.. Feet are a different story.. But Ben Jones - "the worlds most handsome man" (second only to Barry Gibb) has done a lovely job! Safe to say that i had an ace day and came out with some awesome artwork. Too bad the old guy (my dad) ditched me for racing his shonky old boxer.. really needs more BHP if he wants to compete.. although, i think theres a sad satisfaction gained from showboating at the back. cruising two fingers up at the crowd and marshals.. amongst several opportune photographs to be achieved as people are just about to lap him.. makes him look like he's winning! He really needs to try harder.. Jessica Loveless x


  1. Jess, fantastic work darlin, tell dad to give it all away, who wants to read his shite when you do such a significantly better job . . . big ups Grrrly Pants, Whitey. X