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Thursday, 6 September 2012

indian summer

ok, i know, it's not officially an indian summer until after the first frost of the autumn, but, the weather is probably the best we have had all year and after the drenching the brit's have had this year i've decided to make the most of it, been out every night after work this week, only 60-70 miles as the night's are starting to draw in rapido now, i've gone from having a blast down some of my favourite road's, the 515, the via-gellia, round carso reservoir, even the a6, police and relatively traffic free to pootling along single track's, gravel strewn and pock marked by frost and neglect, grass growing through the broken tarmadam, one thing these old track's don't share in common is there longevity, the local council in derbyshire use the hateful 'top dressing' method of re-surfacing the roads here, basically, they pour hot tar on the roads then spray chippings on top, that's it, no rolling or sealing, the traffic does the work for them, pressing the loose chippings into the tarmac and leaving loads more on the road surface, it's like riding on marbles on a bike, you dare not touch your front brake or you would be off, plus there's the added comedy effect of big ruts of loose stone piled up where the flow of traffic doesn't press it into the tar, deep joy and as the council also promote the 'shiny side up' campaign to prevent accident's involving motorcyclists in derbyshire, you would think some bright spark might ask the bloke who sit's in the next office and look's after the re-surfacing work to use a bit of gumption......


  1. Photo number 3; nice arse.

  2. Ever thought aboot loosing the front mudguard?

  3. Lincs county council love the "top dressing" method, but they've now decided to just do random patches of road, you get nothing then all of a sudden a stretch about 10 yards long right on the riding line, not across the the whole road just a strip about 4 foot wide, then a mile or so after that another load of marbles to deal with !!!!!!