another perfectly good motorcycle ruined.......

Sunday, 16 September 2012

charity shop / oxfam

saturday dawned early in the loveless household, me and gus are sitting in the garden supping tea and watching the dawn creep over the horizon, it's a cool autumn morning, i'm snug inside my hardly dangerous 'genuine milwaukee motor oil factory sealed' hoody, gus jumps on my knee, it never ceases to amaze me when he does it, no run up or anything, just bang! an explosion of power and up he goes, [just like a c.a.t. sorry we don't say the 'c' word in our house, not unless you want to unleash hell, we spell it out, jack russell's are great dog's, they are just rubbish at spelling so that's cool], a magpie land's on the fence, gus is off, quick as a flash, he bodyslams the wooden fence, he always does this if a big, fat, lazy pigeon dares to roost on the fence, usually the pigeon's flap wildly, panic and fly off, not the magpie, he cocks his head on one side and start's to chat with gus in bird language, that deep and shrill thing that magpies do, he's telling gus he's a wanker, gus is apoplectic, he can't even raise a bark, he just bears his big, white teeth, standing up on his back legs and emitting a low growl in a barry white stylee, the magpie lift's a wing and sniff's his armpit, gus circles like a crazy dervish thing, turning himself inside out, brilliant, i start to chuckle to myself and end up laughing like that nutter on a bus no one want's to sit next to, anyhoo, mrsb and me end up doing a shopping run, the girl child is working, jack has gone to huddersfield with dangerous to watch the rams away and i end up in oxfam searching the book's, vinyl and cd's, i very rarely don't come out without a purchase, this week i score echo and the bunnymen's greatest hit's, a walkmen disc that i have as a download, the mighty gregory isaacs, 'night nurse' and the n.w.a's 'straight outta compton' re-jiggered,[cheer's whitey, i love that, re-jiggered, up there with anyhoo that one] got the original but wanted the bonus track's, that's sad isn't it?, i need to get a life me, a serial vinyl and cd botherer,i guess i'll never change, i just love collecting music, it's futile really, when i'm dead and gone the vinyl and disc's will mean nothing to my kid's, but what's cool is that they will probably end up taking it all down to oxfam and somebody will find something that hopefully they will get as much pleasure from as i have, what goes around , comes around.........


  1. The thing that frustrates me about collecting music, is the stuff I don't know about, and the knowledge that there will always be great music that I'll have missed. It's always nice to find though. How's the racer?

  2. Wonderful Timmy Mucker, just wonderful . . . way worse things in life than being a vinyl and cd botherer, I'll have to check out the re-jigged NWA disc, too good . . . the Oxfam shop would likely close without your regular patronage . . . what does a Derbyshire magpie look like, just curious to match it up against what ours look like, Cheers Brothermucker.