another perfectly good motorcycle ruined.......

Sunday, 30 September 2012

boxer racer project

cadwell park, last meeting of the season, i pick dangerous up at 0545 hrs, it's cold, dark and cold, [note the two 'cold's'] we are on the a38 at 0600 hrs heading to mansfield, there's nothing on the roads at this hour except the hgv's, i turn the radio on and golden earring comes on 'radar love' just seem's so appropiate, not much conversation, we listen to the prattle of the early morning 'graveyard shift' dj, to be fair, he's playing some good tunes, i suppose at this time no-one's going to ring in and complain anyway, maccee-dee's hoves into view, coffee time, i block an egg mcmuffin and a fresh java, dangerous just has the bean, we sit in the carpark, as the sun rises it becomes apparent that, even though the rubbish bin's are less than 10 feet away from each other, people are so bone idle that they just throw their discarded 'value-meal' or 'happy-meal' rubbish straight out of their vehicle window's, we watch the magpies, gull's, sparrow's and crow's circle around and pick at the remains, fair play to the bird's though, why go through that whole 'worm versus bird' scenario when you can just pop down mcdonald's? who want's to be an extra in a bill oddie bbc documentary when you can hang around the carpark with the local boy-racer's, fuck all that 'life and death' shit, 'large fries, strawberry shake and the remains of a big-mac for me thank's, don't want any of that birdseed malarkey' we get to cadwell at 0815hrs, the paddock is packed, bike out of the hire van, straight down to technical inspection, we fail, no chain guard, i explain it's a shaft, the scroot wink's at me and applies a sticker, noise testing, 100 decibel's on the button, [105db limit at cadwell], leather's, boot's, helmet and gloves, nice lady gives me a sticker for my arai, sign-on at the race office, forfeit my licence and membership card for my transponder, get my practice tab, 'attention paddock, attention paddock, first practice, solo's' down to the holding area' out onto the glorious track that is cadwell park, narrow, uphill, downhill, blind summit's and hairpin's, a rollercoaster drop down from the gooseneck, the famous 'mountain' brilliant, we are flagged off after ten minutes and i immeadiately join the back of the next practice seesion, down to the assembly gate, girl ask's me for my tab, 'been out already, any chance of another session' she gives me a smile and let's me in, another ten minute session, the track is still damp under the tree's and need's to be navigated with caution, flagged off, quick brew and we are out for the first b.e.a.r's race, there's a healthy grid, fifteen bikes, i'm on row eight, light's out and everyone dissapears leaving me in last place, at least i don't get lapped, off the bike, change out of my leather's and do some serious soul searching, i'm riding the wheel's off the bike, i just need more hp, the jota is running 2010 suzuki wheel's, a 180 rear tyre, floating disc's and trick jap caliper's, how the fuck can i compete with that on a bog-stock, probably 40 bhp motor, my bike is built to the rules, very frustrating, i just want to throw the towel in and go home, i get a few spectator's coming and offering me encouragement and it really makes a difference, next race is after dinner, i manage two lap's and the right carb falls off exiting hall bend's, i push my bike off the track and at the invitation of the startline marshall's spend the rest of the race spectating from the pitwall, bike in the recovery van for the ride of shame, good crack with the recovery lad's who drop me off at the van, bloody hell, it's cold, dangerous makes me a brew and nail's the carb back on, i sit in the back of the van, fighting white finger, my nose dribbling and supping tea, at least we are out in the last race, novices and solo motorcycles unlimited up to 1948, it's 1500 hrs and the light is fading, [did i mention it was cold?] by 1815hrs the scooter's are called up, we stand ready to go, waiting for the call to the assembly area, 1830 hrs and that's it, 'race 22 novices and 1948 nunlimited will be run tomorrow, time permitting' i'm gutted, van loaded and hit the road, saw the sun rise and saw it set, it's been a long day, 17 hour's, unload the van, rejig the shed to get everything in, quick peroni, shower and catch the last half hour of 'master and commander' on the box, you know what? i wouldn't change a second of it.......


  1. Another race meeting for the boxer, good work! So to recap all you need is a chain guide, (classic), more bhp, and A set of thermals. That Jota sounds like its lost the plot, or is bending the rules to breaking point, why don't they just drop the engine into a modern frame and be done with it?

  2. Why doesn't he just run the entire 2010 Suzi . . . wanker !! Well done Lovey, self detaching carby's and postponed races notwithstanding, it was a brilliant show just getting there given the initial glitches and let downs going back all those months ago . . . and now, the off season . . . two bikes to toil over, lots of tea and red wine to be drunk, more tales from the shed and new and exciting things to poke at with sticks . . . all in all mucker, it's been a blast from the sidelines, love ya work brotherman dude. XX

  3. It was god the young lassie let you out for extra practice,and time on a race bike is good time,you keep plugging around having a blast well done !

  4. Don't worry Tim, I guess all you really need is some practice and a couple o' hp. The Brembo P08s on your BMW should be more than sufficient, as a matter of fact, I will use them on my next racebike myself... and yes that Jota owner probably got some terribly wrong.

    If your carb came loose after only 3 (not sure if I counted it right) outings, make sure, that the rubber boot isn't starting to crack already... Btw. I know of some chaps, who use some off-cuts from hydraublic hose on BMWs, as they're male-male inlets and it's just a straight hose in your case, right ?
    (This also brings the benefit of tuning the intake runner length based on the circuit and thereby slightly altering the characteristics of the engine)


  5. Nice to see you on sat Tim, Shame about race 22, which i was also waitng for. The Jota took the championship, come to the AGM in November to help make sure we are all running by the same rules for BEARS next season, they are also talking about making F2 upto 600cc.
    PS.Did you see the big Guzzi with twin pot calipers and 2011/12 magnesium wheels!? Outragous.
    Keep up the good work,
    All the best, Ben

  6. Unfortunately there is always someone with money who bends the rules as far as they can. Lets face it that's what happened to MZ racing. It was started so people could have a season of two of dirt cheap racing and then if they enjoyed it and were any good they could spend a bit more money and move up through the classes. But then Burwins got involved and the money spent just spiralled upwards and upwards.