another perfectly good motorcycle ruined.......

Saturday, 22 September 2012


did i really have too much to dream last night? i had to get up very early this morning to make sure that it really did happen, there on the bench is an aermacchi-metisse, after sweary mick's new project arrived in his shed, a 350 aermacchi racer in a replica harris frame, he made the decision that rather than the 250 metisse spending another 25 years under a blanket in the shed me and dangerous should poke it with a stick and race it on a 'you bend it, you mend it' basis, you can't say fairer than that really, what an oppurtunity, we jumped at the chance and went to pick the bike up last night, after some heaving and sweating moving some of sweary mick's other bikes around, we got the metisse on chalky's trailer and mick's 350 aermacchi back up on his bench, no small task as the wheels are out and we had to man-handle it from one shed to the other, after the same amount of grunting and exertion getting the boxer off our bench, the sporty out of the shed and the aermacchi up on the bench then re-packing the increasingly diminutive available shed space with bikes we cracked open a couple of peroni's and just sat looking at the beautiful little race bike, the frame is a work of art, the frame rails look massive, the aermacchi 250cc single cylinder engine hanging between the frame rails as a stressed member, the 30mm dellorto downdraught carb standing straight-up, topped with an open bell mouth, the twin leading shoe rear brake, yep, twin rear brake, the unusual front rim and ap lockheed brakes, the brown suede seat, narrow clip-on's and long slim petrol tank, the bike need's a lot of work to recommission it, the tyres are as hard as a junkyard dog, the brakes are seized, fork seals shot and of course, the engine hasn't run for a quarter of a century, but, well, what else you going to do? watch the x-factor..........


  1. Excuse me while I pass out . . . you lucky son of a gun . . . At the risk of sounding like a wanker, I did toy with the idea of it being one, especially now knowing your love for the wee things, when playing the silly guessing game then just dismissed it with the shot of the Union Jack on the tank . . . what a an amazing bit of kit, those Brothers Rickman must've made frames for every bloody potential race bike ever made, should be mighty competitive once you and Dangerman get it up and firing . . . totally stoked for you mate, more, more, more please Loveymucker !!!

  2. Beautiful bike. Will you have to run another tank because of the new fuels eating fiberglass tanks...or is that a problem over there? My Bultaco has a glass tank, and I hear I'll have to line it with some new formula tank coating, or change to a metal tank.

  3. Sexy as f*ck... that's all I say. I know a guy who raced a 350 Aermacchi and it was fast as ... (fill in a suitable comparison, as there was none).

    Best of luck, if you need some info, drop me a line and I try to warm up some old contacts to a rider/owner of a fast Aermacchi.


    1. greg, my e-mail is, be great to get some info re,the fast aermacchi contact, we need as much help as possible!

  4. jan, nanno, hairy and the right reverend whiteline psycho, thank you, i'm just the custodian of a bike that i will never own, but i have the chance to work on it, bring it back to something approaching former glory and race it, that's got to be better than it just sitting under a blanket? we are just so lucky that sweary mick has given us the chance, he has his own vision and ideas for the bike, we are just going to try and make it all happen, i suppose it really doesn't matter that we don't 'own' it, do you really ever 'own' anything? you have something or someone for a finite amount of time and then you just have to let it go.....