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Wednesday, 29 August 2012

manx grand prix

motorcycle racing can be a cruel sport, from the high's of victory to paying the ultimate price for pursuing one's chosen path as a racer, chris palmer's victory on the 350cc aermacchi on tuesday and ryan farquhar's win in the 500cc classic race on the paton, the sad loss of steve osborne in the manx gp practice and trevor ferguson, [ryan farquhar's uncle] today during the supertwins race highlight's how narrow that path can sometimes be.

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  1. Poignantly written Loveymucker, true all of that, I suppose the one thing about the legend of the tri-legged runners circuit is knowing should your number come up you'll be embraced at the big course in the sky by an illustrious list of like minded souls who've gone before ye . . . hence the unique aura surrounding it. Sad indeed but it'll be a sadder day should the social do-gooder brigade ever bring things to a close, self determination rules on the Isle in the meantime, hats off to all competitors, and the plodders on Mad Monday, past, present, living and dead.