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Thursday, 23 August 2012

manx gp

jamie coward clocked the fastest lap on his r6 yamaha posting a 119.528 mph lap to put him at the top of the senior leaderboard, just take a second to study this photo, jamie is two feet away from somebody's front door,tucked down behind the minimal screen and going for it, just remember, this is all run on real roads, none of that nancy short circuit stuff, proper racing on real roads, kerbs, walls, tree's, you crash you probably die, the human body is soft, the landscape is very, very hard, do the math......

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  1. So enjoy 'watching' you work mate, methodical, considered, deliberate, tea swilling, bloody exciting . . . no fucking wonder there was some binding in the marsh . . . 'I have a cunning plan'. Thanks for your comment Lovey, always blown me out how you 'get it' mucker, everytime I put out a bit of me, really mate, touching, in a butch, hetero way of course . . . re the single, I've got a copy I'll have to dredge up, but the only other single that hasn't been lost to the mists of time was from my first ban, The Ballistics ['82-'85] a double A side called 'Dancetrain' and 'Cruisin', not sure if I've even got a copy . . . as you know Timmy, not only did I never collect clippings, photos, autographs, I didn't even really hang onto our recorded material either, I did collect total system shutdown, brain damage and memories, I so regret it now, the absence of photos etc that is. Anyway, time here is now 10.05 a.m Friday 24th, about to get on the road, see how you go with working that out, maybe organise a phone hook up at some point. Love ya brother.