another perfectly good motorcycle ruined.......

Wednesday, 22 August 2012

manx gp

the manx gp, the late summer road races, run on the same course as the tourist trophy in june, michael dunlop lead in the first session, posting a 102.57mph lap on the suzuki xr69 suzuki, ryan farquhar waited for the second session and put in a 107.56 lap to eventually top the leaderboard, looks like the paddy's are on a mission......


  1. Hi Tim, I've managed to wangle a ride in this year's closed roads VMCC parade at the Manx GP riding the Domiracer. Cant chuffin wait! Did you race at Darley the other week? Think I might have seen your BMW... George.

  2. hello George, yep, it was me and the beemer at darley, saw you in the assembly area before practice, i had a look around for you at lunchtime but couldn't see you and the n.s.u i'm afraid, dead jealous of your ride in the island, jammy bugger!, have a good time and let me know how it goes, be careful, tim.