another perfectly good motorcycle ruined.......

Friday, 31 August 2012

i buy too many book's me....

i buy too many book's me, i've been saving up my bonus from last year to put toward's a couple of air-fares for me and mr's b, the bonus isn't cash, it's a downloadable card, redeemable at 'selected outlet's', the airfare option went out of the window because the 'preferred supplier' was trying to have my pant's down, [in other word's, pay cash-get twice the value as opposed to using the 'redeemable card'] mr's b has been coveting one of the apple i-pad's, so i took the plunge and got her one, [and, i must admit, i'm embarassed, i got one too, well, what would you do?, i've got this card burning a hole in my arse pocket, it's got to be redeemed by the end of the month otherwise i lose it], like i've said in the past, i'm a fucking luddite me, i don't embrace technology easily, i've only had one fuel injected bike, one mono-shock bike in my life and that was my ducati, i've never owned a water-cooled bike, never, ever, total caveman approach i know, but, give me point's, a carb and inner-tubes, spoked wheels and anything you don't have to plug-in, download, up-load, something you can use a spanner on, a feeler gauge and i'm a happy bunny, happier than a bunny on acid, anyhoo, back to the plot, i-pad's, amazing, but you can't blog on them, what?, yep, you have to buy an 'app', [what the fuck's an app?, that's what i have at work after i've eaten my dinner, pull my cap down, 'don't talk to me, i'm having an app....'] these are some old-school book's i've scored recently, proper, printed on something called 'paper'..........


  1. More treasure from the charity shop of the gods?

    1. hi Jan, no, not charity shop's this time, would you believe from a fellow racer at darley moor, two english pounds each, less than the price of an 'nap, that's why i've decided to not download music anymore, you can get a 'hard' copy in the form of vinyl or cd and put it on 'yer i-tunes and you have something physical, something you can look at, the artwork, smell and lose down the back of the cupboard if you are anything like me, ahem, but still have the back-up if everything goes to rat-shit, same goes with the printed word, book's, brilliant, i love 'em me....

  2. I've reached critical mass with my CDs, so mp3s are the only option.

  3. You funny bugger, just 'avin an app, ha . . . where's Barrington gone mate ? Read the bit on my blogger list then went to dive in and the pool of life is empty . . . sad about Ryan and as you said mate, all respect due for past conquests and his decision . . . re the Bonnie, I only ran points even though the swap to electronica was the rage but I know of a couple of guys, one just recently, who had drama with the earlier Boyer units, like you Lovey, at least I can always have a hack at points myself . . . I want my Barrington, no app required. XX

  4. Me...too. Books are good. Books on bikes, really good. The Lucas/Rita on my Commando never gave problems. Haven't any experience with other brands, other than on Japanese the Boyers work off of stock spark advance mechanism, or has it all been digitally handled..?
    Still wondering if somehow the advance isn't working properly...