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Monday, 20 August 2012

darley moor

we first met bruce hosie when we had the pleasure of parking up next door to his van at the festival of a 1000 bikes at mallory park, bruce and his mate len kept us entertained all day with stories of their racing exploits throughout the years, these boys are the real deal, they've raced all over britain, the continent and the manx grand prix in the isle of man, i couldn't get a close look at the seeley 7r wedged between the vans at the festival but darley gave me the chance to have a closer look, this is a serious racing motorcycle, i didn't realise how special it was until bruce nonchantly told me the story, the frame is, as you can see, a seeley, it's running 18 inch rims with ap racing disc, caliper and mastercylinder, six-speed close ratio gearbox, external heavy duty forks, ally tank, scitsu rev counter and manx fly screen, the interesting part is the engine, based on a 7r bottom end but the top end is a four valve item, cast up to bruces specification, it's running a combination of vauxhall and honda valves, [sorry,can't remember if it was vauxhall exhaust valves or vicky-verky]bruce machined up the casting, fitted the guides and gasflowed the head, absolute brilliance and i thought i was a genius nailing an old baking tray to the bottom of my bike.......

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  1. Gidday Lovey Mucker, that is the insanity that typifies the true beauty of the classic racing gig, totally bloody mental stuff mate, as if a 7R ain't special enough !!! Mind you, the baking tray was a stroke of NASA like genius. Lovin the Tattoo Love Boys clip mate, was always a fave and 'that' line is even more 'in your face', excuse the pun, today, than it was thirty bloody years ago, Brother Lee Lovey, love ya buddy.