another perfectly good motorcycle ruined.......

Tuesday, 14 August 2012

boxer racer project

with the bike back on the bench, it was time to have a good look around to check everything out see if anything has broken or shaken loose, it's strange, you can ride a bike on the road for thousands of miles, change the oil, adjust the chain and keep your tyre pressure's right and that's it, with a bike you race it's different, within ten laps they can shake themselves to bit's, the boxer is filthy and ready for a good clean, brake dust, rubber deposits, oil, petrol stains and dried on insects, cleaning it is a good way of checking everything under close scrutiny, so i set to with the 'muck-off' and start to work my way around the bike, the fairing mounts have shaken loose and need re-fitting, with a good dollop of loctite to stop them slackening off again, the jetting is a mile out, it's running too rich, there's a sooty deposit all over the swinging arm, have to have a look at that before cadwell, we fixed a tie-wrap around the fork leg slider to check how much movement there is under heavy braking, it's too much, four and a half inches and that's after we changed the fork oil for a heavier grade, going to have to knock up a couple of pre-load spacers to stiffen up the forks a bit, the left hand fork seal has given up the ghost and we will replace them as a pair, stiffer fork springs are on the shopping list along with the forty brake horsepower we are missing..............

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  1. Get to it Lovey, losing the fat from the carbs will be at least giving you quicker response, if not a stable full of ponies, stiffer front end should also give you a sharper lap time, next outing may surprise . . . still, great result mate, no major trauma, all just tweaking and fettling it as much as you can, chin up Timmy, doing the fan club proud.