another perfectly good motorcycle ruined.......

Tuesday, 21 August 2012


dangerous's dream bike, an aermacchi-metisse, the beautiful, high revving italian single cylinder engine, wrapped in a nickel plated rickman frame, they were originally built in 1967 and enjoyed a short production run until 1972, seem's funny after forty- five years of lusting after one his dream might just come true.....


  1. Awesome mate, never knew the Brothers R did anything of the sort, wonder if they were focused on the States, for obvious reasons, and how popular were they ? Danger Man is a twisted soul afterall . . . bewdiful Lovey.


    Ever see any of this fellow's work? He apparently worked for Rickman a few years back and has replica frames for Aermacchi. I have a good line on two of the H-D imported version and have always wanted one!