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Thursday, 19 July 2012

festival of a 1000 bikes

 last post from mallory park festival of a 1000 bikes, sorry, i know i've banged on about it, but really, if you are interested in race bike history, there's no other choice, do yourself a favour, keep your eye out for next year's date, get your application in and get the trackday in on the saturday or, if you're a racer, book in for sunday, seriously, let's keep the noise and smell of classic bikes real, not polished and molly-coddled in a static, museum but, out on the track where they belong, disturbing the peace and sending the noise metering equipment into apoplexy, proper.............

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  1. You just keep bangin on Lovey, it's your role. I figure you'd be quite enamoured with the big Suzi, and what the heel is it with that stunning green Vicent, what a knockout !!! Hope all is well in Derbyland dear, big uppin love.