another perfectly good motorcycle ruined.......

Friday, 27 July 2012

boxer racer project

finished the modification to the exhausts on the boxer, i reckon it looks ok, too late to start the bike tonight, i don't want to upset the neighbours, [actually i do, they are fucking arseholes] but mr's b has over-ridden me and said 'no', you argue with her, she's five foot three, brunette, green eyed and scottish, i'm not stupid...........

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  1. Boring, boring, boring . . . another bloody consumate fab job done and dusted, don't you ever get sick of brilliance sweetheart !!! It so much better than the option of just throwing on one of those fugly great 'cans' that are the aesthetic ruination of so many classic race bikes . . . too good mate. Don't mess with the missus, who said you were silly ??? Have a great weekend Lovey, respect as always.