another perfectly good motorcycle ruined.......

Monday, 23 July 2012

boxer racer project

 after the mad week to get the boxer re-built for the 'festival we have had time to sit back and plan the next step forward, the 650cc engine is just to shake the bike down but won't be good enough to actually race, at mallory the bike was pulling strongly through to and beyond the redline at 7500rpm, the combination of the big amal's, less restrictive exhaust and the weight we cut from the bike combined with some aerodynamic's with the cut down avon fairing worked very well, but, we have to be realistic, the motor is probably putting out a shade over 50 honest british pony's, not enough to compete in the bear's series or the post classic 750 series, [mainly jap four's], with the c.r.m.c, so, after a chat with jim cray, [who built my boxer engine for my bmw cafe racer about twenty years ago], we are going for a short-stroke 750 motor, lot's of work and lot's of cash-money, but, jim reckon's around 80-85bhp, in the meantime, we have a practice day before the big classic meeting at donington park next month and i think we might even just go for broke and enter the last b.h.r meeting at cadwell in september, before that though, we've poked the bike with a stick and found one of the amal carb slides was actually 2mm longer than the other one! no wonder we couldn't sort the carburetion out, dangerous milled the 2mm from the longer slide to even them up, the bike is too noisy with the megga's on too, i've had to rake out all the baffling material as it was strangling the performance and not damping the d.b. level's enough, i've got some spare supertrapp diffuser rings left over from the sporty project so i've ordered up a couple of 'closed end' cap's and we are re-working the megga's to try and quieten them down a bit, the 'action shot's' are of roughing out the adaptor plates to mount the diffuser rings in the end of the megga's........


  1. So, Lovey, fill me in on the process, maintain your existing bottom end and utilise existing barrels buy sleeved oversize, bolt on 750 jugs and heads . . . what's the caper ?? We can do this via email if you prefer, I have a cunning plan . . . XX

  2. Don't know where the word 'buy' came from mate, disregard please.