another perfectly good motorcycle ruined.......

Thursday, 5 July 2012

boxer racer project

sorry for lack of post's this week. basically we are trying to get the engine re-built in time for this weekend's 'festival of a 1000 bike's' at mallory park, we have found a lot of neglect and clumsy practice that has set us back a lot of time, haven't got time now to detail all the bad stuff that we have found, ancient filter and gritty shagged oil not-withstanding, but, let's just say, i don't think i have got value for money for my 'carefully assembled blueprinted engine, new valves, guides, ring's, head's gasflowed and ported, new valve seals and every bearing, seal and gasket replaced' fuck off, hopefully better new's tomorrow, got to get back in the shed now and get some more hours in, stay tuned..........


  1. Monumental 'ups' mate . . . go hard !!! I wait with baited breath for the outcome, XX