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Saturday, 21 July 2012


so, after all the hype and the tragic event's in colorado, [which i only found out about after comment's by whitey and larry] the last in the series, go and see it, [i-max if possible] absolutely stunning, christian bale is an older batman, physically drained from fighting his foe's, bane, played by tom hardy, is a suitable nemesis, the plot twist's and turn's and it's an hour into the film before we see batman as the character we know and love from the previous two films in the trilogy, a very topical script with the breakdown of social order, [basically the have's vs the have not's], very much to the fore, for me the star of the film is anne hathaway, the precocious cat burglar, she get's all the best lines in the film and is very, very cool, go and watch it, don't wait for the dvd, you need to see it at the cinema, total brilliance........

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  1. Nice review mate, I'll get me old bones in there tonight . . . of all the remakes prior to this series, Bale and cohorts are the only ones who have nailed it . . . yes, you are blessed Lovey, and the fact you're so aware of it shines through constantly, bravo the Loveless clan, beautiful stuff. XX