another perfectly good motorcycle ruined.......

Friday, 20 July 2012


i'm a massive batman fan so i'm revved to be going to see the dark night rises, the opening day of the film, our local cinema was sold out week's ago but i managed to get four ticket's for a showing in the city centre, it's jack's birthday today too [21], so we are going out for a pizza and a couple of port and lemon's to celebrate.........


  1. Lovey, flick on the news mate, dozen or so killed in Denver at a midnight screening, kid you not . . . I'm a fan too, it just freaked me out . . . congrats to the young fella and have a great day with the clan.

  2. Just read about that too, just horrible.
    When I was a Cub Scout, we became the Bat honor of the Caped Crusader. My mom sewed up Bat patches for us. Pretty soon official Bat Patrol patches became available because of the popularity. Have a good party.