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Sunday, 17 June 2012

n.c.c. 'peaks' custom and classic show

sunday, it's not raining, [yet] dog's walked, chore's done, sky's darkening, quick shave and shower, i don't mind getting caught in the rain but i hate setting off in it, right, i'm off, destination is the national chopper club custom and classic show at the duke of york pub at pomeroy, the pub stands on the old roman road that runs between buxton and londinium, originally a farmstead but became an ale house in 1618, the oldest part of the building dating back to the 1500's, alway's a friendly welcome at chopper club show's, no attitudes or posturing they are enthusiastic about all motorcycles and are genuinely pleased that you attend their event's, i wander around the show bikes, the buell xb9/sunbeam special is a beauty, the hardtail beemer has been around for year's, i had an invitation from a commitee member many years ago to attend one of the national run's as a guest and i can remember seeing this bike then, the little super-tough 'fighter looked the bollock's [sorry, don't know what the engine was/is, these japper's all look the same to me!] the classics were well represented by the vinny, the panther, [with gixxer wheel's and brakes!] and the lovely velo on the carpark, i'm not a big 'paintjob' fan, [as you know, black's where it's at with me] but the rock-a-billy twin cam, although it's been around a while, still looks great, i took a load of 'detail' pic's but not on the macro setting on my box brownie, doh, i skinned out after a very pleasant couple of hour's, as i made my way back to my sporty i found out that i'd got 'landlord's choice' even though my bike was only in the carpark, couldn't hang around for the prize giving but a real honour, thank's to the n.c.c lad's, got talking to a bloke with a mz 150 complete with leg shields, he thought i was taking the piss when i asked him for a photo, 'their great bikes 'yer know, people take the piss, but, their great bikes, i've got a couple of hinckley triumphs, a harley and some japper's but i love this little fucker....' yep, i know that feeling, and your mates matchy is a beauty too, got a hundred and fifty miles in today and i feel better for it, got caught out in a few heavy shower's, open face helmet and yellow safety spec's combo no protection against the needle sharp face numbing rain, but, you know what, it was one of those good to be alive day's today, i'm yelling fuuuuckoff! as i'm getting facial acupuncture and i get the slow, wet, creeping-into-the-crotch-region as the rain find's it's way into my leather jean's, stop for fuel and i wave at a car full of kid's in the services, they get it, even if their parent's don't, madman on a loud bike, leaving puddle's, face red, numb white finger's and a stupid grin on his mug.........

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  1. Nice asortment box mate, the good, the mad and the curious . . . kids are so unaffected by misconceptions, you can bet 'dad' would have been thinking 'shit, I wish that was me' . . . it could be mate, if only you were capable of reconnecting with your inner kid.