another perfectly good motorcycle ruined.......

Wednesday, 27 June 2012

national motorcycle museum

here's some norton's from the  national motorcycle museum last saturday, i've just been looking at the photo's i took from me and dangerous's day out, sweary mick and johnny owd bollock's turned up to have a look at the boxer project tonight, what a double act, they kept interrupting each other and owd bollock's look's at mick and say's 'through the chair mick, through the chair', i ask them what that's all about and apparently it's an old trade union saying from when they used to get shouted down at union meeting's back in the day, i tell them about our recent trip to the museum, moaning about the lack of a cafe to get a brew, mick look's at owd bollock's, owd bollock's look's at mick, 'there's a cafe upstair's you twat.....' oop's.........


  1. Haha, that’s a funny anecdote! It’s really obvious how much you enjoyed spending the day with those vintage bikes. Is Norton your favorite? Anyway, do you still have more photos at the museum? I would love to see them to learn more of your adventures. =)

    Clare Westby

    1. thank's Clare, just keep your eye on the blog, there's plenty more 'adventures' coming up this spring and summer! tim.